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char *s = N_("(C) 2005 Bernard Bou");
char *s = N_("*");
char *s = N_("/opt/sadms");
char *s = N_("<b>Samba as Active Directory Member server and station</b>");
char *s = N_("<services>");
char *s = N_("Access control lists");
char *s = N_("Authentication diags");
char *s = N_("Clear output");
char *s = N_("Clone SADMS to remote host");
char *s = N_("DNS");
char *s = N_("DNS diags");
char *s = N_("Depen_dencies check");
char *s = N_("Dependencies check");
char *s = N_("Detect");
char *s = N_("Detect settings");
char *s = N_("Domain diags");
char *s = N_("Domain join diags");
char *s = N_("Exit");
char *s = N_("Install");
char *s = N_("Install Kerberos configuration only");
char *s = N_("Install PAM");
char *s = N_("Install PAM modules");
char *s = N_("Install _Kerberos only");
char *s = N_("Install _PAM modules");
char *s = N_("Join this host to Active Directory domain");
char *s = N_("Kerberos diags");
char *s = N_("List _groups");
char *s = N_("List groups on output");
char *s = N_("List users on output");
char *s = N_("Monospace font");
char *s = N_("NMB (netbios naming) diags");
char *s = N_("Network diags");
char *s = N_("No shares will be created");
char *s = N_("OU to place host in");
char *s = N_("Open settings file");
char *s = N_("PAM mkhomedir");
char *s = N_("PAM mount");
char *s = N_("PAM winbind");
char *s = N_("Pos_t check");
char *s = N_("Post-install checks");
char *s = N_("Pre-install checks");
char *s = N_("Purge cached databases");
char *s = N_("Remote _clone SADMS");
char *s = N_("Remote _preinstall SADMS");
char *s = N_("Remote operation settings");
char *s = N_("Remove this host from Active Directory domain");
char *s = N_("Restart Samba daemons");
char *s = N_("Run SADMS preinstall on remote host");
char *s = N_("Run custom test (_test.sh)");
char *s = N_("SADMS authentication");
char *s = N_("SADMS connect");
char *s = N_("SMB (netbios sharing) diags");
char *s = N_("S_top daemons");
char *s = N_("Sadms HTML documents");
char *s = N_("Sadms PAM conf");
char *s = N_("Sadms help");
char *s = N_("Sadms version");
char *s = N_("Samba as Active Directory Member Server or Station");
char *s = N_("Samba daemons status");
char *s = N_("Samba global parameters");
char *s = N_("Samba shares");
char *s = N_("Samba users, groups and homes management");
char *s = N_("Save output to file");
char *s = N_("Save settings to file (except password)");
char *s = N_("Signal daemons to read configuration");
char *s = N_("St_art daemons");
char *s = N_("Start Samba daemons");
char *s = N_("Stop Samba daemons");
char *s = N_("Synchronize _clock");
char *s = N_("Synchronize clock to kdc");
char *s = N_("This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify\n"
             "it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by\n"
             "the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or\n"
             "(at your option) any later version.\n"
             "This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,\n"
             "but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of\n"
             "GNU General Public License for more details.\n"
             "You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License\n"
             "along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software\n"
             "Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.");
char *s = N_("Uninstall PAM modules");
char *s = N_("Validate");
char *s = N_("Validate settings");
char *s = N_("Verbose operation report");
char *s = N_("View Active Directory-related settings");
char *s = N_("View PAM services settings");
char *s = N_("View PAM-related settings");
char *s = N_("WINS server");
char *s = N_("_1");
char *s = N_("_2");
char *s = N_("_?");
char *s = N_("_About");
char *s = N_("_Acls");
char *s = N_("_Authentication");
char *s = N_("_Clear");
char *s = N_("_DNS");
char *s = N_("_Daemons status");
char *s = N_("_Data");
char *s = N_("_Detect");
char *s = N_("_Diagnostics");
char *s = N_("_Docs");
char *s = N_("_Domain");
char *s = N_("_Domain join");
char *s = N_("_File");
char *s = N_("_Globals");
char *s = N_("_Help");
char *s = N_("_Home");
char *s = N_("_Install");
char *s = N_("_Kerberos");
char *s = N_("_List users");
char *s = N_("_Manage");
char *s = N_("_Monospace");
char *s = N_("_NMB");
char *s = N_("_Network");
char *s = N_("_No shares");
char *s = N_("_Open");
char *s = N_("_Output");
char *s = N_("_PAM");
char *s = N_("_Pre check");
char *s = N_("_Purge cached data");
char *s = N_("_Refresh");
char *s = N_("_Remote");
char *s = N_("_Restart daemons");
char *s = N_("_Run");
char *s = N_("_SADMS");
char *s = N_("_SMB");
char *s = N_("_Save output");
char *s = N_("_Settings");
char *s = N_("_Shares");
char *s = N_("_Signal daemons");
char *s = N_("_Stop");
char *s = N_("_Test");
char *s = N_("_Uninstall");
char *s = N_("_Uninstall PAM modules");
char *s = N_("_Users/Groups/Homes");
char *s = N_("_Utilities");
char *s = N_("_Validate");
char *s = N_("_Verbose");
char *s = N_("_Version");
char *s = N_("_View PAM services");
char *s = N_("_View Settings");
char *s = N_("_View settings");
char *s = N_("directory:");
char *s = N_("domain administrator login");
char *s = N_("domain administrator password");
char *s = N_("domain users group");
char *s = N_("home server:");
char *s = N_("home share:");
char *s = N_("host:");
char *s = N_("hosts allow");
char *s = N_("kdc");
char *s = N_("localhost");
char *s = N_("localhost:.");
char *s = N_("optional");
char *s = N_("pam_mkhomedir enables automatic creation of home directory on login");
char *s = N_("pam_mount allows Samba volume to be automatically mounted on login");
char *s = N_("pam_winbind allows network users to log on to this host");
char *s = N_("password:");
char *s = N_("realm");
char *s = N_("remote SADMS");
char *s = N_("root");
char *s = N_("sadms");
char *s = N_("sadms domain");
char *s = N_("sadms pam");
char *s = N_("sadms.sourceforge.net");
char *s = N_("this domain's Netbios name");
char *s = N_("this host's Netbios name");
/* TRANSLATORS: Replace this string with your names, one name per line. */
char *s = N_("translator-credits");
char *s = N_("user:");

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