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bin::share::ShareManager Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

def __getitem__
def __init__
def about
def acls
def acls0
def addAdminGroups
def addAdminUsers
def addForceGroup
def addForceUser
def addFsGroup
def addFsOwner
def addReadGroups
def addReadUsers
def addValidGroups
def addValidUsers
def addWriteGroups
def addWriteUsers
def applyShare
def batchConnect
def browseFolder
def clip
def closeBatchConnect
def connect
def connectToAs
def connectToAsDel
def connectToAsRead
def connectToAsWrite
def exists
def exit
def exitOk
def forceRefresh
def get
def getConf
def getCreateMask
def getDirectoryMask
def getDistribution
def getDomain
def getEnforcingSE
def getFsCommands
def getGidRange
def getGroups
def getMode
def getOwnerGroup
def getSep
def getServer
def getShareData
def getShares
def getText
def getUidRange
def getUsers
def getVersion
def help
def inDomain
def intToMode
def loadBatchConnect
def modeToInt
def pathChanged
def populate
def printConf
def put
def putCreateMask
def putDirectoryMask
def refresh
def removeAdminGroups
def removeAdminUsers
def removeForceGroup
def removeForceUser
def removeFsGroup
def removeFsOwner
def removeReadGroups
def removeReadUsers
def removeValidGroups
def removeValidUsers
def removeWriteGroups
def removeWriteUsers
def resetBatchConnect
def runBatchConnect
def runToString
def runToStringVerbose
def set
def setConf
def setupImages
def signalNmb
def signalSmb
def splitSubjects
def splitUsersGroups
def switchPage

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

int ADMIN = 5
int ERROR = 2
int FORCE = 6
int FS = 7
int NONE = 0
int OK = 1
list pixbufs = []
int READ = 3
int VALID = 2
int WRITE = 4

Detailed Description

Definition at line 423 of file share.py.

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